Once you recognize the dynamics of strength and warmth, you see people—yourself, your loved ones, your colleagues, random strangers, everybody—in a new way. And if you understand how to project your own strength and warmth, you will change the way people see you.

Anonymous asked:

You're a wonderful person, thank you for taking the time out of your day to help so many people :)

exletters answered:

Aw, that made my night! You’re very much welcome!

I do apologize in advance if ever I do offend someone or reply super late. I haven’t been feeling well due to the climate change, so I’ve been on my phone and can’t reply to people in private or publish letters that wishes to remain anonymous.

But fear not! I will reply to you as soon as you hit the bottom of my messages (since I always start from the bottom messages). 

Thank you again! I love all of you guys! <3